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About Learn with Mobile

We are dedicated to bringing the best e-learning and m-learning technology to companies that have a real desire to develop their talent in the most effective way possible, and to coaches and training companies who want to be at the leading edge of learning.

What we do

We provide the software, cloud services and apps to help you transform the way people learn.

You simply upload any kind of learning asset, and easily organise it into topics or courses.

And you have the full management reporting capabilities you'd expect from an LMS to track your learners' progress and engagement.

You can offer a consistent, flexible, and personal learning experience with all the reassurance of a reliable, professional environment.

How do we do it

Our software is a world-class learning service and LMS, through which you can deliver existing learning assets and new leading edge interactive learning and gamification.

Designed with mobility in mind, Learn with Mobile automatically adapts to provide a rich e-learning experience on mobile, tablet, PC, Mac and the web.

We provide a complete service to deliver your learning to both traditional and social learners.

You can create or re-use best of breed learning assets and mix these with articles and quizzes built directly within Learn with Mobile.

What we believe in

Providing the highest quality learning environment while offering the best possible value for money.

The power of our software to make the learning experience more engaging and more effective for all types of learner.

Empowering mobile learning strategies so they can truly drive behavioural and cultural change.

Listening to our customers and so that we can constantly improve and extend Learn with Mobile's features and capabilities.

Learn with Mobile is a full learning solution, providing much more than just a traditional LMS. With over 100,000 learners, our cloud services and apps provide the backbone for global coroporate e-learning and m-learning solutions worldwide.

Learn with Mobile

Learn with Mobile is Ambidect's market leading e-learning and m-learning cloud software service.

Budget Friendly

Low entry cost and no user fees if you have a large workforce. e-learning for everyone.

Mix Any Content

Video, Games, Quizzes, SCORM, VR.
You can upload any type of learning asset.

Management Reporting

A dashboard and online reports showing all your vital statistics are standard with Learn with Mobile,

Responsive Design

Your learning tool will look just right on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, and even Big Screen.

Personalised Experience

Learn with Mobile lets your people learn whenever and wherever it's convenient for them.

Proven Technology

Over 100,000 people world-wide are learning with Learn with Mobile.

Value Enhancing

Re-purpose existing learning assets and deliver them to a wider audience.

Infinitely Flexible

With Enterprise, we work with you to make Learn with Mobile fit your brand and your culture.

Any Language

Learn with Mobile has built-in translation capabilities. Your people - their own language.

Money Saving

Make information available at the point of need. No need for everyone to travel to the learning.


We are proud to have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes. Here are some of them.


Nottingham City Transport


IMI Group

Greenbridge Technology

Professional Witnesses


Puddle Ducks

Douglas Scott


Toucan Telemarketing

Graham Heath Construction

Leadership Team

Every day of Tim and Scott's combined 50 years of software development experience is evident in Learn with Mobile. Together with their team of developers and technology professionals they have lovingly crafted Learn with Mobile to be the ultimate in e-learning and m-learning software.

Tim Thomas-Peter

Managing Director

Tim's combination of international business management experience and decades of software development and information provision, has given him the in-depth knowledge that's gone into Ambidect's learning technology.

An experienced pair of hands you can trust.

Scott Bamford

Technical Director

Scott believes that 21st century learning is not about sitting in a classroom or at a desk.

He has applied his 20 years of software development and business improvement experience, to adding mobility and flexibility in the e-learning market.

One of the most advanced software engineers you'll ever work with.

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* Learn with Mobile Starter Edition is free for up to 10 users with reasonable storage requirements

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